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The Cordial Catholic

K. Albert Little

A podcast for non-Catholics, new Catholics, or anyone interested in digging deeper into the Catholic faith. Hosted by K. Albert Little, a non-denominational Evangelical convert to Catholicism.

Recent Episodes

042: An Evangelical Author's Journey into the Catholic Church - Part 1 (w/ Paul McCusker)January 15, 2020 Episode artwork 041: What Every Catholic Should Know About God (w/ Dr. Elizabeth Klein)January 08, 2020 Episode artwork 040: A Convert's Guide to Mary (w/ Keith Nester and Derya Little)January 01, 2020 Episode artwork 039: Tough Questions to Ask "Bible-Only" ChristiansDecember 23, 2019 Episode artwork 038: Answering Biblical Objections to Catholic Beliefs - Part 2 (w/ Karlo Broussard)December 18, 2019 Episode artwork 037: Answering Biblical Objections to Catholic Beliefs - Part 1 (w/ Karlo Broussard)December 11, 2019 Episode artwork 036: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? (w/ Dr. Francis Beckwith)December 04, 2019 Episode artwork 035: Everything You Wanted to Know About Women and the Church (w/ Jaymie Stuart Wolfe)November 27, 2019 Episode artwork 034: What Every Catholic Should Know About the Cardinal Virtues (w/ JonMarc Grodi)November 20, 2019 Episode artwork 033: How to Understand What Vatican II Really Says (w/ Fr. Blake Britton)November 13, 2019 Episode artwork 032: Everything You Need to Know About the Mass (w/ Dr. Denis McNamara)November 06, 2019 Episode artwork 031: Was the Early Church the Catholic Church? (w/ Mike Aquilina)October 30, 2019 Episode artwork 030: Answering Atheist Objections to Catholicism (w/ John DeRosa)October 23, 2019 Episode artwork 029: Abortion, Euthanasia, and What Catholics Believe About Life (w/ Dr. Moira McQueen)October 16, 2019 Episode artwork 028: Was Jesus and the Early Church Based on Pagan Myth? (w/ Steve Weidenkopf)October 09, 2019 Episode artwork 027: How to Read and Understand the Bible like a Catholic (w/ Jimmy Akin)October 02, 2019 Episode artwork 026: Why Would an Evangelical Pastor Become Catholic? (w/ Keith Nester)September 25, 2019 Episode artwork 025: Evangelizing Non-Catholic Family and Friends (w/ Matt Swaim)September 18, 2019 Episode artwork 024: Do Catholics have a Personal Relationship with Christ? (w/ Pat Flynn)September 11, 2019 Episode artwork 023: Debunking the Science vs. Catholicism Conflict (w/ Dr. Stacy Trasancos)September 04, 2019 Episode artwork 022: Where Did We Get the Bible From? (w/ Rod Bennett)August 28, 2019 Episode artwork 021: Apologetics 101 – How to Prove the Catholic Faith (w/ Dr. Doug Beaumont)August 21, 2019 Episode artwork 020: Why Become Catholic? (w/ Marcus Grodi)August 14, 2019 Episode artwork 019: Is Jesus Just a Myth? (w/ Trent Horn)August 07, 2019 Episode artwork 018: Feminism, Gender, and the Catholic Church (w/ Dr. Abigail Favale)July 31, 2019 Episode artwork