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The Cordial Catholic

K. Albert Little

A podcast for non-Catholics, new Catholics, or anyone interested in digging deeper into the Catholic faith. Hosted by K. Albert Little, a non-denominational Evangelical convert to Catholicism.
143: The Eucharist for Evangelicals (w/ Dr. Brett Salkeld)January 19, 2022 Episode artwork 142: On the Catholic Imagination (w/ Randy Boyagoda)January 12, 2022 Episode artwork 141: The Catholic Witnesses of the Early Church (w/ Rod Bennett)January 05, 2022 Episode artwork REPLAY: Christianity Today Editor Becomes Catholic (w/ Mark Galli)December 29, 2021 Episode artwork 140: The Catholic Guide to Suffering (w/ Father Jeffrey Kirby)December 15, 2021 Episode artwork 139: How to Read the Bible Like a Catholic (w/ Dr. John Bergsma)December 08, 2021 Episode artwork 138: The Grace of Catholic Conversion (w/ Haley Stewart)December 01, 2021 Episode artwork 137: From the Canadian Wilderness to the Catholic Priesthood (w/ Fr. Nathan Caswell)November 24, 2021 Episode artwork 136: Why I'm Not Catholic (w/ Austin Suggs from Gospel Simplicity)November 17, 2021 Episode artwork 135: Times the Church Almost Failed – But Came Back Stronger! (w/ Steve Weidenkopf)November 10, 2021 Episode artwork 134: How the Early Church Evangelized (w/ Mike Aquilina)November 03, 2021 Episode artwork 133: What Vatican II Really Said (w/ Father Blake Britton)October 27, 2021 Episode artwork 132: Truth, Beauty, and Catholic Conversion (w/ Tsh Oxenreider)October 20, 2021 Episode artwork 131: Works of the Law: Early Church vs. The Reformation (w/ Dr. Matthew J. Thomas)October 13, 2021 Episode artwork 130: How to Make the Mass Great (w/ Dr. Denis McNamara)October 06, 2021 Episode artwork 129: A Missionary Studies Church Leadership and Becomes Catholic (w/ Dr. MaryJo Burchard)September 29, 2021 Episode artwork 128: Gay and Catholic (w/ Eve Tushnet)September 22, 2021 Episode artwork 127: The Prayers, Actions, and Meaning of the Mass - Part 2 (w/ Jeffrey Pinyan)September 15, 2021 Episode artwork 126: The Incredible Women Doctors of the Church (w/ Terry Polakovic)September 08, 2021 Episode artwork 125: The Prayers, Actions, and Meaning of the Mass (w/ Jeffrey Pinyan)September 01, 2021 Episode artwork 124: Biblical Answers to Questions About Catholicism (w/ Dr. Michael Dauphinais)August 25, 2021 Episode artwork 123: Why Do Catholics Make Such a Big Deal About Mary? (w/ Fr. Mauro Gagliardi)August 18, 2021 Episode artwork 122: How and Why the Sacraments Make Sense (w/ Dr. Lawrence Feingold)August 11, 2021 Episode artwork 121: A Kurdish Christian's Incredible Journey into Catholicism (w/ Timothy Ezat)August 04, 2021 Episode artwork 120: Your First Year as a Catholic Convert (w/ Keith Nester)July 28, 2021 Episode artwork