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158: Purgatory for Evangelicals (w/ Dr. Brett Salkeld)

May 04, 2022 K. Albert Little, Brett Salkeld
The Cordial Catholic
158: Purgatory for Evangelicals (w/ Dr. Brett Salkeld)
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In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I'm joined once again by Dr. Brett Salkeld, theologian for the Catholic Archdiocese of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada and host of the Thinking Faith podcast to talk about purgatory.

What exactly is purgatory? Why does it make sense? Where can we find it in the Bible? In Church history? Isn't it just a medieval invention? Didn't it go completely sideways and caused the Protestant Reformation?

All of these burning questions, and more, this week as Dr. Salkeld takes us on a deep dive into the roots and reasons for purgatory, specifically through an Evangelical Christian lens.

For more from Dr. Salkeld, check out our previous episode, Episode 143, on Transubstantiation and the Eucharist and follow him on Twitter.

You can also check out his fantastic books Transubstantiation and Can Catholics and Evangelicals Agree About Purgatory and the Last Judgment at fine bookstores or on Amazon.

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(Cont.) 158: Purgatory for Evangelicals (w/ Dr. Brett Salkeld)