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184: The Weird and Wonderful Roots of Christmas Traditions (w/ Dr. Michael Foley)

December 21, 2022 K. Albert Little, Michael Foley
The Cordial Catholic
184: The Weird and Wonderful Roots of Christmas Traditions (w/ Dr. Michael Foley)
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm joined by Dr. Michael Foley, renown author, professor of theology, and one of the best storytellers out there to explain some of the incredibly weird and terribly wonderful Christian roots of our favourite Christmas traditions.

Dr. Foley unpacks the dating of Christmas, the roots of Santa Claus, the incredibly weird world of "Mutant Christmas Saints," and much, much more as we sit down for a glass of egg nog and stir up some Christmas cheer.

Listen, enjoy, and impress your family around the Christmas table with the most incredibly strange facts about the origin of the Christmas traditions we know and love. I guarantee you you'll learn something new – and have a ton of fun listening!

To find more from Dr. Foley check out his website. And find his latest book "Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe" from Regency Press and everywhere books are found.

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