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187: The History of the Papacy (w/ Erick Ybarra)

January 11, 2023 K. Albert Little, Erick Ybarra
The Cordial Catholic
187: The History of the Papacy (w/ Erick Ybarra)
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm joined by one of my favourite people to talk to Erick Ybarra. Erick is a former Reformed Baptist who became Anglican in his search for an authoritative, apostolic Church but didn't stop there. After carefully examining Catholic vs. Orthodox claims Erick eventually became Catholic – although continued his long and exhaustive search of Scriptures and Church History to be able to fully defend his decision. Erick's search, and his extensive research into the papacy, is recorded in his new book The Papacy: Revisiting the Debate Between Catholics and Orthodox.

Erick joins us this week to unpack the history of the papacy from Scripture and throughout Church history; tackling subjects like development of the papacy, papal infallibility, objections to Catholic claims, and more.

To read more from Erick check out his popular blog and check out some of his other amazing books, too.

Erick shared his conversion story on this podcast on Episode 144: Where is the True Church?

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