The Cordial Catholic

196: The African Roots of Catholicism (w/ Mike Aquilina)

March 15, 2023 K. Albert Little, Mike Aquilina
The Cordial Catholic
196: The African Roots of Catholicism (w/ Mike Aquilina)
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In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I'm joined once again by the incredible Mike Aquilina, church historian extraordinaire, to talk about the African roots of the Catholic Church.

Mike unpacks some of the interesting – and surprising – roots of things we take for granted in Catholic Christianity: the liturgy, the Latin language, some of our most important developments of doctrine and dogma and, of course, some of the most important thinkers in Early Christianity.

Mike has a great take on Church history, great insights, and great stories to well. I hope you enjoy it!

For more from Mike check out his latest book Africa and the Early Church: The Almost-Forgotten Roots of Catholic Christianity.

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(Cont.) 196: The African Roots of Catholicism (w/ Mike Aquilina)