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214: How the Catholic Church Proves the Bible (w/ Gary Michuta)

August 09, 2023 K. Albert Little, Gary Michuta
The Cordial Catholic
214: How the Catholic Church Proves the Bible (w/ Gary Michuta)
Show Notes

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I'm joined by my friend historian, researcher, apologist, and author Gary Michuta to talk about his latest masterpiece The Gospel Truth and how the Catholic Church helps to prove the veracity of our accounts of Jesus in the Gospels.

Gary, in typical fashion, approaches the question of the veracity of the Gospels like a dog with a bone. His research is deep, his conclusions are astounding, and his thesis -- that the Catholic Church provides necessary and important credibility to the Gospel accounts of Jesus -- is pretty incredible. You've never heard anything like this!

How does the Catholic Church prove the veracity of the Bible? Listen and you'll find out.

For more from Gary visit his website and pick up a copy of The Gospel Truth: How We Know What Christ Taught from Emmaus Road Publishing today.

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