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067: An Evangelical Bible Scholar Becomes Catholic (w/ Dr. John Bergsma)

July 08, 2020 K. Albert Little, John Bergsma
The Cordial Catholic
067: An Evangelical Bible Scholar Becomes Catholic (w/ Dr. John Bergsma)
Show Notes

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic Podcast, I'm joined by theologian and author Dr. John Bergsma to talk about his incredible conversion to the Catholic faith. Raised in the Reformed church, Dr. Bergsma was steeped both in biblical studies and in the doctrines and beliefs of his particular denomination.

In this discussion, Dr. Bergsma explains how he began to see the cracks form in his Reformed Protestant worldview once he began pastoring a church. When he tried to determine which church – of all the Protestant denominations – looked most like the Early Church he was surprised to discover it was actually Catholicism!

This is a great interview and a great example of an intelligent, empathetic, and spiritually energized disciple of Christ reading the Bible, studying the history of the Church, and, of all things, becoming Catholic as a result!

For more from Dr. John Bergsma visit his website. Check out his fantastic conversion story, in book form, in Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic.

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